Thursday, 1 April 2010

Thurs. 1st April 2010 'Herceptin No.15'

Had some great news today - we discovered that I only have one Herceptin left, so my next one will be the last - hurraaaaaay! The two hospital loading doses are counted in the total number, so I was really surprised when my nurse told me the good news. I can't wait to finally finish, however it also means of course that I will finish updating my blog, but I will add a final chapter.

I've felt a little better this week, apart from a painful throat which has finally settled. I did have a really strange experience a few days ago. I developed an intense itch in my blank boob, which of course I coudn't scratch because there's no feeling there. It was really annoying and stayed there all day. It felt as though it was deep inside and even a good 'slap' couldn't get rid of it. Pleased to say my phantom itch has gone now!

Picture of me and Roo on the London Eye (Mother's Day)